I frequently get "Mail Could Not Be Received At this Time" Dialogs, more or less as described here.

This happens with multiple accounts of various types, most commonly gmail accounts. I have run keychain first aid with no issues. I tried changing the SMTP port for several accounts from 465 to 587 as recommended here, without much change. 

But the main question I have is not how to fix it permanently but how to suppress the dialog.

Is there any way to suppress this error dialog entirely? This happens to me frequently and the most annoying thing is not that Outlook cannot connect (which it does eventually), but that it puts up this error dialog.  It makes running Outlook, using automated reply filters, while unattended, impossible. It would be much better if no dialog were presented and the errors went where other errors go into that little error box.

The dock bouncing on errors is an added irritation, so much so that I already disabled it system-wide due to Outlook. There appears to be no way to turn that off within Outlook.

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