Everyone appears offline on my messenger and I cant send anyone IMs even though they can see Im online and they can send me IMs, also says 0 emails, when I open hotmail I have a number of emails? Im not blocked by these people, we have checked, and this is happening with all my contacts not just one. I have checked my service status, it says messenger is running fine. I have run an auto fix through windows live, and it says it is fine, and I have totally uninstalled windows live and reinstalled, but still the same issue.


All help gratefully received,


Thank you x


NB: this problem only occurs on Live messenger, and the chat facility works perfectly well via Hotmail. I have also logged into a different account on this computer and can send messages without problem. The error i am getting when trying to send an IM is 'the following message could not be delivered to all recipients' and it comes up in red.. this happens if they are online or not (but they not showing online to me).


Thanks x

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