I have been trying to create what was called Personal Folder (.pst) files on the windows side, so that I can transfer online emails to a folder on the local drive.  
I have searched all the databases and online for 1/2 day and cannot find any solution that works.  I see the same question asked in 2011 and answered by one of the specialists, but the solution she proposes also does not work.  In short I cannot find the import/export data files equivalent on the PC side and in earlier version of the Mac software .  I have gone thru every menu and every drop down and still no luck.  Can someone please help?  I can't even seem to find Outlook 2010 in any of your menus or even on this menu under Office for Mac or Outlook.  So don't know that I am posting in the correct place.   So I am posting in multiple places.  

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