One of the latest windows messenger updates had the simply stupid idea of making "appear offline" block your whole list. This turned into so much of a problem that I lost interest with unblocking people every time. Now that skype has taken over it has extended this problem to whole new levels. Now I dont have Windows Live Messenger to unblock the contacts, it's left to the graphically orientated "people" menu on outlook or whatever it is. After looking endlessly for a way to actually talk to my friends by unblocking them which should be a fairly conspicuous option, I found it was done by the completely negligible 3 dots rather than having the words up there in the space....

oh but it gets better. Skype took over Live Messenger, so you're thinking do it in skype, right?

No. While skype recognizes theyre blocked, it leaves the option to unblock them blank and instead refers you to a (random) hotmail page that again doesnt help.

Could someone perhaps offer a way of mass unblocking most of your list? Probably not because I imagine it needs an upgrade. Better yet can someone offer an explanation as to why quite an integral part of instant messaging has been completely overlooked during the transfer to skype and/or outlook? It's very, very sloppy

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