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In my WLM I have added the new account.

It is the same account as I have using POP3, the difference is that the new account is IMAP account.

The reason for doing so is that I want to move my storage accounts from POP account to IMAP account.

WLM does not allow me just to copy directly folders, so I created the new folder in IMAP account,

selected messages from folder in POP account and move them to the new folder in IMAP account.

The moving operation started OK but it stopped after short time.

About 20% of messages were moved.

Now, each time when I try to move the rest of the messages there is a message:

"Your message could not be uploaded to the IMAP server. The server refused to accept it."

  Protocol: IMAP
   Port: 993
   Secure(SSL): 1
   Code: 800cccd3

Am I doing something wrong? How to correct that?



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