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[I have Win 10; Dell Desktop; WLMail2012; Firefox Browser]

Was told to fix it by opening Internet Explorer, looking for "File", and uncheck the Work Offline.  BUT...although I haven't used IE for years I searched most of the morning and when I found it and opened it, it didn't have any content!  It looked like an abandoned store!

So I found these instructions from a thread (from 2013 though!!!):

"Do you mean that the Work offline button on the ribbon has a big red 'X' on it? It's supposed to - it's a command button, meaning you click it to do what it says on the button. The problem is, it doesn't work since the introduction of Internet Explorer 11. You have to rely on the message at the right-hand end of the status bar to tell you the program's online/offline status."

I followed them, but, while it changed the big globe above from "Offline" into "Online"...it also changed the one at the far right task bar into the opposite: "Offline".  Is this okay?  Shouldn't both show the same?  However, after 30 minutes or so....the big globe above is again showing "Offline"....    :(

Thanks ever so much for any help!

P.S.  I wish the webmaster here at MS fixed its "results" which are all 4 or 5 years obsolete!!!

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