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WLM 2012.  Recently Verizon forced us to migrate to AOL.  Everything was POP3 and working fine.  Now AOL wants us to update to IMAP and gave instructions for doing. it.   I created a new account in WLM with the IMAP settings.  Now I can't seem to access the AOL IMAP server.  When it tries to download the folders (I assume they are the inbox, outbox, sent, junk folders) I get the same error message.  Any idea what I am doing wrong?  I did disable the original POP3 account but still no luck. 

I am using the same email address and log in as the POP3 account, could that be the problem?   

After that, what happens to the contacts and calendar?  For contacts, will I lose the groups within the contacts? 

The calendar seems to be another story.    Thanks.


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