I am unable to open WLM for Hotmail on my Windows 8.1 computer because of "too many tries with the wrong email or password".  However, when I select "cancel", WLM opens as an agent for my Yahoo mail and Comcast mail but will not work for my Hotmail even though I have added Hotmail to my list of active accounts in WLM. 

I also have Outlook.com active as a stand alone email client and it works just fine for Hotmail. The fact that Outlook.com works for Hotmail tells me that my Microsoft account is activated which should also be the case with WLM since it uses my Microsoft account and password to open -- but it doesn't!  I have tried all of the proposed "fixes" by Microsoft - changing passwords, etc.  None have worked. 

I also have Windows 10 on the same computer, but on a separate SSD, and WLM works fine as does Windows 10 mail, Outlook.com, Comcast, and Yahoo mail.

Please, some one tell me how I can get rid of the "locked out" status of WLM on my Windows 8.1  

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