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I am no longer using WLM on a newer computer (Windows 10), but have a whole lot of .eml WLM files on an older Laptop (also running Windows 10, but with WLM installed and used in the past).  I no longer have a WLM account and want to get rid of the older computer - and I want to move the WLM folders to my new computer, for archival.

I see several WLM Viewers with Internet searches, but would like to know if MS has such a product that I can install on my new computer.  The old WLM account is gone, but I still have a lot of old emails that I need to keep, at least until I can glean all of the information out of them.

So I am looking for recommendations on how to do this - either a MS product or a "virus free", safe 3rd party product.


ron, now in shawnee

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