My WLM Version 2012 (Build 16.4.3563.0918) on W10 Home Version 1511 build 10586.218 Worked OK for years and until March 2016 on W10.

Then it started losing the contents of folders, putting received emails into Sent, and now shuts down seconds after opening. An offer to Debug gets no result when selected, except the obligatory shutdown. WLM will run for less than a minute.

Tried deleting a troublesome Hotmail account, but no result. Re-installing WLM on W10 is not it seems an option.

So I am looking for advice about migrating all folders and accounts to a new email client, one that will synchronise with my Android devices. Outlook perhaps.

WLM export offers two types, Exchange Server and bad old WLM. Is comprehensive migration possible?

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