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Since Microsoft have started to upgrade accounts for those using Windows Live Mail, I have been migrating my customers to use imap.  However, this is proving incredibly frustrating.  Many customers are experiencing frequent timeouts and disconnects.  They have duplicate special folders and sometimes when an email is sent, the sent email is duplicated in the Sent folder.  Today I have set a customer up and their delete folder doesn't work.  When an email is deleted, it simply dissapears, it isn't placed in the deleted items folder?!

This is incredibly frustrating, since it appears entirely random.  I have set people up in the exact same way.

I have also had to spend a large amount of time finding "corrupt" emails.  Some customers have over 30,000 emails in the account going back to 2004.  Not only does resynchronising this take a lot of time, no matter how fast your broadband (100Mbps here), but some of the earlier emails caused errors during download, so I have had to use the webmail to locate the email and either delete or move to another folder which I dont sync with WLM to continue the email sync.

Does any one know what the correct special folders should be?  As mentioned above, I sometimes get duplicate folders, or one called Sent, and one called Sent Items.  Sent Items might be the special folder name, but sent emails actually go to the sent folder, and not Sent Items.

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