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Hi there
I have been using Outlook Express (OE) since 1998. It was OE5 in Win98.  Then, I switched to OE6 in WinXP, Windows Mail (WM) in Windows Vista, Windows Live Mail (WLM) versions 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012 in later versions of Windows, but all versions have an obvious bug. I wonder why Microsoft has never noticed this. I searched the web, but I found no topic or no other user who asks the same question. The bug or problem is as follows:
If my file-name is non-English, for example if my file name is in Persian language (unicode characters), I cannot attach it to my email via right-click. Even if my file address contains non-ansi characters, although the file name is English, it never attaches the file via right-click. I can attach the file via Insert> File Attachment, but this is very inconvenient. I like to attach my file via r-click. When I right-click a file with Farsi name and I click "Send To> Mail Recipient", no window opens up and no email is sent at all.
Is there any solution, hot-fix or workaround for this serious failing?
I have been changing version after version with the hope that microsoft might solve this most obvious problem, but no luck. Not only microsoft didn't solve the problem, but also new bugs and issues took place in the newer versions.

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