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So YouTube has a copyright claim on a video I made with Windows Video Editor. I specifically used a background song called "Amplified" for one of my videos. Apparently, Hexacorp LTD are the copyright owners of this song. I'm getting a title called "778-Max Farrar-Shake Shake Shake". 

Now my question is, am I not allowed to use this or ANY of the songs on the video editor for public showings on YouTube, or any other website? If there is something that specifically says that I can or can't, I'd like for someone to show me where it says that. For all I know, it's a preset song. If I'm not able to use the songs, that's all I want to know so I can decide whether or not to dispute this claim

I can't seem to find where Windows Video Editor is located for the product, so I used Windows Movie Maker. Probably not the same thing, but I didn't now what else to select.


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