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I have a Windows 10 laptop PC. I HAD both Widows Photo Gallery & Windows Movie Maker on it my current pc. I spent a tremendous amount of "wasted" time with Microsoft tech agents, Windows 365 agents during which they had remote access to my laptop.

They OFTEN asked me to take a photo of my screen and upload it to Windows Photo App, so they could see. Which I did. Since that time, my Windows Photo Gallery is missing from my programs. 

I have a hobby in which I need to take many photos and edit them. Windows PHOTOS is a worst product than Windows Photo Gallery in this regard. I'm getting tired of wasting time fixing Microsoft mistakes. It is my belief, they, the Microsoft agents PURPOSEDLY REMOVED my Windows Photo Gallery program. Yes, it is a PROGRAM, NOT an app. Apps are for mobile devices, Programs are for PC's.

I want my preferred Photo program installed back on my PC. It was there prior to the agents INSISTING, I use "Photos" so they could view my screenshots.


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