I'm encountering an issue where I'm using WPG on 2 machines with photos stored in a location that is synchronized by SkyDrive between the machines.  The problem is that everytime I switch to the other machine and open WPG (2012 v. 16.4.3508.205), apparently a large number of the photo files immediately get changed resulting in a huge sync push (in my case 2.1 GB of data for 700+ files changed) by SkyDrive.  I work in IT and have done some investigating using the SkyDrive Logs stored in AppData/Microsoft/SkyDrive/Logs/, and I'm pretty sure this comes down to changes that get applied to People Tags each time WPG is opened.  I can see that for some reason, some of my people tags have slightly different names on one machine vs the other - for example, the prime culprit seems to be "Vika Uzhakova" on one machine vs. "Viktoriya Uzhakova" on the other.  The problem is that I can't change it on either machine!!!  Very frustrating!  The "Rename Contact..." context menu item appears but is disabled on both machines.  Where does this People Tag/Contact information come from, and how can I edit it to make it consistent.  I have verified that both of these Windows 8 Pro machines are connected to the same social network services and have identical contact information records for this person in the Windows 8 People App, the Windows Live Mail Contacts, and online in the LIve.com People app.  Does anyone have any idea how to:

1.) Edit the contact information used by Windows Photo Gallery to make it consistent between machines
2.) Prevent WPG from automatically updating hundreds of files each time it opens, causing a massive bandwidth crushing sync through SkyDrive.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or ideas.

MS:  You need to do something about this - its much more than just a minor inconvenience.


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