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Hi from Pamela RM.
I am using Windows 10 and it came with Windows Movie Maker.  I was not able to publish to You Tube so registered for a Full Windows Move Maker Account. Prior to that Windows Movie Maker did not respond and stopped working when I clicked on save movie.
After I had full account.  I tried with a power point movie of still pics and was able to save this to my computer as mp4. I then tried to save a video movie and this was successful.
When I followed exact instructions found on internet to publish to You Tube no matter what size I chose it came up with this error. 

I googled and found the following steps that have not been successful.

I started from scratch with a new project.

1. Open your movie file in Windows Movie Maker

2. Click the Publish Movie button or Save Movie button (in Windows XP)

3. Click Save to this computer and save it to the location that you want.  THIS IS WHERE I CANNOT GO ANY FURTHER??????

4. Go to more settings on the next screen and pick the last option (for a.wmv file at 1 megabyte per second) WHERE DO YOU FIND MORE SETTINGS AS YOU HAVE SAVED YOUR MP4 TO A FOLDER ALREADY AND NOT IN MOVIE MAKER any longer?

You cannot open the mp4 back in Movie maker????

5 Finish the operation by hitting Publish and Finish when the operation is complete

6 Close Windows Movie Maker and go to youtube.com. Sign In

7. Click on the upload button in the top right  of your You Tube home page

8. Click on upload video and browse to where you saved your movie. Select it.

9. Confirm your selection and fill out the various fields. description and title etc

10. Upload your video and watch it to make sure it works.

I hope someone can help me as I need to get a video out quickly. 

To help with big video files and to upload them easily to You Tube.  My file is 98.9MB Plus I do have a larger file to upload.

I have also saved the mp4 file in One Drive. 


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