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So this is a new issue I have not experienced previously, and other stuff has been fixable after some research/fiddling with code (Which, although I am terrible with code, fixing a few in/out times for clips to made a file open is relatively simple), but I can't find anything quite the same as my issue.

So, I started making a new video recently (I use Movie Maker for the sole purpose of making music videos which then go onto my YouTube account), and it started off fine. I did have to restart the file once already because something happened that messed up the first file, but I would prefer not to start it again since I didn't get much farther than before. But on the second file, I did it all at once to return to my previous spot, and I split clips just fine...right up until I got to another clip that apparently didn't want to split. I would hit the split button and it would go to the bottom of the clips. I have no idea why, and the other features work okay, but this clip doesn't want to split, nor does anything after it. I made multiple copies before this issue came up, but they all do the same thing, so I ultimately saved what I had accomplished for later use.

The problem with starting over again is that I have clips from several files that I then have to copy, open the next file, paste, then copy again and paste another time, etc., until I have all the clips I need. Because if I try to do it via the "Add videos and photos" button, other Movie Maker files do not appear in that window, so if I wanted them to shop up I would have to export the already split clips and then split them again, which I don't have the patience for even if they'd take less than the 4+ hours the originals took to cut apart. I am not sure what to do beyond starting over a third time, much as I dislike the idea. Any suggestions?

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