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I have recently set up a YouTube channel on which I upload songs that I create in a program called Fl Studio 12. So far, I have uploaded 4 songs to my channel, using Windows Movie Maker to add the audio itself to a background image. These 4 uploads went without a hitch, and the songs sound fine on my channel, and sound exactly the same as the original .mp3 audio files.

I have recently finished a 5th song; this song also sounded fine in its .mp3 format and in Groove Music, and even when I added it to the Windows Movie Maker timeline it still sounded the same. However, when I exported the final video from Windows Movie Maker, the song (now in the video) sounded horribly distorted and grainy, with certain notes sounding irregularly louder than others in seemingly random locations.

I have tried countless different methods in order to remedy this strangeness, have even resorted to using other programs, all of which gave me similar results, and spent hours searching on the internet for a solution. Now, however, I have run out of options.

Although I am probably wrong, I think that the reason my song sounds distorted after being exported on a video via Movie Maker is because Movie Maker may be changing the size of the audio wave (perhaps compressing it) and reducing the bits of the wave itself in order to shrink the file size down, however, like I say, this is only a guess.

Can anyone help me out?

PS. I apologise if this post is in the wrong section.

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