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*This is mostly for the Microsoft Company, but all those that agree with me, please comment in your support. Maybe it will motivate them to make this program available*


I've done a lot of research on trying to find the Windows Movie Maker program that was available for the previous versions of Windows, but I can't find an alternative that performs the way Windows Movie Maker did. I've also noticed that there are a lot of people that miss it. I, for one, loved how simple, yet how professionally it worked in creating videos and short films. 

The point I'm making is that there would be quite a few of your customers that would appreciate and continue to support you if you were to release or make available the Windows Movie Maker program for download in the downloads section. I don't know if you all are in the process of creating a new, updated version, but many people cannot wait too long for a new version to be available. 

Most of the alternatives are paid subscriptions, while those that are free don't have the same features as your program. There are a few programs that claim to have the same features, but those are flagged by my antivirus software or they are from unreliable sources. 

Please release the latest or last version of Windows Movie Maker so that those of us who have projects that need to be finished can do so. 

Best of luck in your business, 
Braydon Anderson

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