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So after finishing a movie in Windows Live Movie Maker (2011 Version) and after working on it for days, I tried viewing it like I usually do, and when I tried opening the file, it gave a little window that said "Sorry, Movie Maker can't open this project file. The file might not be compatible with Windows Live Movier Maker of be corrupted. Please select a different project file." Then when I press "close" on that little window it just shows a 'new movie maker project'.

The movie worked perfectly every time and played without problems until suddenly it just randomly didn't work.  To be more specific - yes, i'm trying to play it on the same computer I created it on. Nothing has been installed or changed on the computer since I played the movie last. I'm not sure what the file type is (how can I find out?). I'm running Windows 7, and like I said, the 2011 version of Windows Live Movie Maker. I honestly have no idea why the movie all of the sudden won't play. I would hate to lose this project... does anyone have a solution that works, and quickly too?? Thank you so much!

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