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So I just spent all night putting together a movie using .MP4 files, jpg, captions, .MOV files, and .wav files.

Each was imported one at a time.

I noticed when I was close to completion that one of the previously successfully "processed" files now just had a yellow warning triangle and movie maker wanted me to remove it "due to corruption". Due to the heavy editing I had done on that clip, I decided to simply close MM, restart my computer, and hope for the best.

This was the wrong choice. 

Upon boot up, MM decided it needed to re "process" every single imported clip. This was annoying and took FOREVER, but the worst part was that every single clip failed to import, with the same yellow error triangle as before on every single one.

My project is now basically useless.

I have tried importing each file seperately into a new project. Each works perfectly. HOWEVER, when I import a selection (two or more) in the same click, each one reports as "corrupted". The videos play perfectly in all media players.

has ANYONE experienced similar things? I am extremely frustrated.

I have windows 10 and MM2012 (build 16.4.3528.0331).

The movie files are located on a platter based storage drive, while Windows and Windows MM operate from a SSD, if this matters.

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