27. April 2018 · Write a comment · Categories: Uncategorized

Guys, how are you not including movie maker as part of Windows 10?

Something I use every day in my job is screen capturing and editing for trouble shooting purposes. On my mac I use quicktime for this. 

In windows I use a NHC debut to capture, but then I had to HUNT to figure out how to get windows movie maker installed because I'd heard is was super easy and intuitive, WHICH IT IS! How are you not offering this convenient software as part of your OS? Plenty of people need to do little edits to video clips!

If you did a slightly updated version that also allowed screen capturing, it would hands down be one of the most applauded windows features going! Is there a reason movie maker is so hard to get access to? Is it on purpose? I can tell you that nothing from Windows 10 out of the box comes close!

Anyway, thanks for listening!

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