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I am still hoping to get an explanation as to why my spell check does not work properly. I still get the red squiggly underline under misspelled words. And it even still will autocorrect some. And if I choose to spell check before sending, which I don't, it will do that. However, the red squiggly underline seems to be just for show. I can no longer right click on that word to bring up the list of possible correct words. I recently fresh installed Windows 10 on an SSD drive after Windows itself crashed badly on an old drive (the drive is fine) and it worked fine before. 

I have also noticed a completely strange quirk, which makes it BARELY usable...but not really. If, at any point during composing the email, I click and drag to highlight any test...even if just two letters...then, for the rest of that message, the right click on the underlined words works as normal. But if I don't, then it doesn't work. To me, this makes absolutely no sense, and I can't even begin to figure out what could be causing such a thing. But it is very annoying and has led me to try other e-mail clients. Many of which I prefer, actually, but they all have one quirk that is work. Usually that they can't keep up with my typing when it comes to adding my contacts. So if I type my contact too fast and tab right away, it doesn't bring up the contact and then fails when I try to send saying it is not formatted properly since it is just the person's first name. So, unfortunately, I am reluctantly stuck with Windows Mail. But this annoyance is starting to get almost as annoying as having to slow down when typing my contacts.

Note: IT happens on all version of Microsoft mail programs. But I prefer to use the older Windows Live Mail because Windows Mail is horrible, like every Windows 10 app. But even that has the issue.

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