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I have a Dell XPS laptop which is less than 6 months old. I've been using the default mail app to check my outlook, gmail, and school-specific email address. These had all been all been working perfectly until one day I randomly stopped being able to view the emails within my inboxes. The accounts still show up when I open the app but when I click on them to view my inbox, it shows up as completely blank or just loads until eventually crashing the app. I still get notifications when an email arrives in one of these accounts on my laptop and can view them fine on other devices. I have not received or opened any emails from outside sources, so I'm confident it isn't a virus. Nothing else on my computer has been impacted. I have restarted and updated my computer, but the Mail app now either won't open or opens and crashes as soon as I try to read any mail. It's a major inconvenience to not be able to view any mail on my laptop and any help would be appreciated.

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