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I operated Windows Live Mail for many years, I didn't update/change because of historically important stored e mails and addresses. I backed up on an external hard drive (Office and Live Mail files).

Following problems with a Windows 10 1903 update, I had to reset my Dell laptop and lost Office, MacAfee and Live Mail. I have satisfactorily reloaded the first two programmes and associated files, but I'm getting nowhere fast with my e mail.  I have tried to use Windows Mail and Outlook in conjunction with a download from my external hard drive but so far I've been unable to load my stored Live e mails or e mail addresses. I would add that I can use the e mail on my internet service provider for general correspondence with my usual e mail address.

Can anyone help please, particularly with clear steps on how I can select, load and operate a compatible Windows 10 e mail whilst regaining use of the 'lost' Live Mail files  

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