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So I recently bought a new computer replacing an 8 yr old machine.

For a few years I have used (and liked) Windows Live Mail.  Change is in the air apparently and the new machine seems to want me to use Mail.

I don't mind change....but I am having a hard time figuring out the ins and outs of it.  The thing that is giving me the most pain is the contacts part of it.  If an email comes in..and I want to save the contact...I cant seem to be able to do that anymore (just one annoyance)

Contacts in general seem to be more of a pain.  Are all contacts now stored in the "People" app?

Mail seems now very basic...which again, is fine........but I am just confused how the "people" app integrates into Mail now.

Is there something I can read to clear this all up?


Confused a bit

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