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I have THOUSANDS of photos tagged (people place etc..) using Windows live photo gallery(I think it used to be called picture it library) on my old laptop. I want to move them to my new computer but the photo software on here does not have the same tagging options. And will be heartbroken if the tags do not transfer with the photos.  I know its just tags but I spent countless hours tagging them all, it will be like a punch in the gut to lose all of that work.   

1)Why did Microsoft stop supporting it ( can't even download it now)

2)what should i use in its place to avoid this again.

3)how do i transfer them? I've seen other treads of this type of question and they are talking way above my understanding of file types etc. 

I want something just as user friendly

Desperate to save my tags!!!

Thank you in advance for any help with this. 

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