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I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, both 64 bit.  I also have plenty of hard drive space and 12 gig ram.

I tried loading photos from my Nikon camera to Photo Gallery but I keep getting the msg. that Photo Gallery has stopped working and will restart.  I received a reply from a Microsoft tech to repair Essentials 2012 but when I followed the steps first of all, I saw that I have Essentials 2011 not 2012.  I tried the repair anyway and the green progress bar gets almost to the end then the message there is no internet connection.  I checked and sure enough there is nothing wrong with my internet connection.  I retried with the same results.

Checking possible troubleshooting solutions at the Microsoft site I saw that Essentials 2012 is the correct version to use with Win 10.  If this is the case, can I delete 2011 and install 2012 and if so, how do I do this correctly?  Thanks.               Tom

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