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I recently did a reset of windows 10 using the keep files option.

The reset achieved what I wanted and laptop is better and items that had disappeared or stopped working now back and running...

Unfortunately I lost Windows Essential 2012 including Mail and Windows Live Photo Gallery.

I can live without Live Mail although it was very easy to use and navigate, which Windows 10 Mail is not.

However I would like to be able to use the Windows Live Photo Gallery as it had a very neat way of running a picture slide show, which almost made the pictures appear to be a video or moving as it switched from one picture to the next, also it would move seamlessly from picture to video and back again, which I found really useful with a set of pictures and videos taken in Norway last year containing circa 1000 pictures and a handful of videos all on one smart card.

I know that WE2012 is no longer available to download and it appears would not run on windows 10 anyway although mine did.

Any suggestions would be most welcome as Windows 10 Photos just does not cut it for me.

Many thanks 


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