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Yes, I know there's an "improved" version of WMM in the Photos app, but I'm very used to WLMM. I've been working on a stop motion project for nearly a year and I've saved it countless times. It's only when I attempt to save the project that it tells me something is corrupted, like it says everything is fine before hand. I've tried scrolling slowly, reinstalling multiple times, pretty much everything I can think of! Please help!

My laptop has specs more than competent to run WLMM well, including an i7 8th gen processor and 12 GB RAM, along with AMD Radeon RX Vega M graphics...

What doesn't help is that the images that WLMM chooses to be corrupt is different every time, so I can't pinpoint an exact frame that's corrupted. I have the prepare files setting on, but that doesn't seem to be helping. I have the render settings set to a custom 1080p 60fps setting.

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