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When I created HOURS of content using windows live movie maker project, everything worked fine and I was able to watch, edit, save, rename, etc., but when I tried to play a video that was working fine last week, I got a yellow caution triangle and the "double-click-to-fix" message.

I tried changing the default program but WLMM wasn't given as a choice to associate file name extensions with. 

I can see what is happening: every time I download a video it has a name like "IMG_3923.mp4, until I save it under "save as", which then essentially renames the video file. 

But then, without explanation or warning, WLMM decides it wants to look for your file under the original name (not the new, re-named file-name).

Problem is, the file with the numbered-style name no longer exists, so it can searches browses but never finds the original named video file.

I suppose I could go through and "un-re-name" all my videos but with over 500 such files, there must be an easier way to simply tell WLMM to re-dis-associate the re-named file name and everybody is happy.

Is there an easy fix for this problem?

Joel Leek

916 832 7305

thank you very much!


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