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I recently took my laptop into a repair shop - as such, I backed up all my files and copied them onto an external hard drive. With my sister's laptop, I was intending to work on a few videos with Windows Movie Maker with the files I transferred onto the external hard drive (it has worked in the past).

However, now whenever I try to open these files from the external hard drive (literally ever single video), I get a message that says, "Sorry, Movie Maker can't open this project file. The file might not be compatible with Windows Live Movie Maker or be corrupted. Please select a different project file."

I should make it clear that all of the individual MP4 files still work via Windows Media Player. It's just opening the actual Movie Maker is not working - not sure why the files are working and not the actual project itself.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated!

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