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I WOULD REALLY LIKE SOME HELP PLEASE. I have been using windows movie maker for various video footage. A couple of days ago I edited and saved (perfectly fine) a video which was ten minutes long. Yesterday I tried to save a a new file to my computer which was 4 and a half minutes long everything is the same as the first video apart from its shorter in length. NOW I keep getting the same errors I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING and I am becoming very frustrated with the matter. I keep getting "not enough memory" (I do have enough memory my laptop is all up to date and running perfectly fine with PLENTY OF SPACE) and then if its not that error I get another error saying corrupted files (when I go through the files on the movie maker none are corrupted and everything is perfectly fine when I play it all) I have been looking at all the answer (none work for me) so please can some one help me?

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