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hi , i had windows live essentials suite(i dont know from which year) but when i accidentally uninstalled it from my windows 7 pc. i had to get it back. so i searched in the web and  microsoft dont provide windows live essentials anymore. so i searched a little more and sure enough i got a valid installer of windows live essentials from a third party website hopefully when it installed it was safe and completely original. But when i tried to open it. It said me i dont have enough pc specs but other windows essentials were working. i checked the installer and found ot that i had installed "WINDOWS LIVE ESSENTIALS 2012" . I HAVE ATTACHED THE ERROR BELOW. PLEASE TELL ME IF THERE IS ANY OTHER BACKWARD VERSIONS OF WINDOWS LIVE ESSENTIALS AS IONLY FOUND 2012 AND I DONT KNOW WHICH SUITE OF WINDOWS ESSENTIALS I HAD BEFORE.

Please Help.



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