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Having used Windows Live Mail for my Hotmail account for a long time I was upset when it would no longer work.

So I first tried setting up WLM with a POP account, that seemed to work reasonably well apart from the fact that it would not show any Junk Mail, even though there was a folder for it, this was important to me as I sometimes get emails that are not actually junk. ( I knew by looking at my emails in Outlook .Com that I was getting emails that had been placed in the Junk folder ).

Because of the above I then tried setting up WLM with an IMAP account, but at first it was not showing anything that I had deleted from any of the other folders ( Inbox, Sent etc.)  in the Deleted folder, but eventually I managed to get it working quite well. I say quite well because there are still a few little niggles.

The first being that each time I logon to Hotmail using WLM with the IMAP settings, I get two Hotmail logon screens, one following the other by a few seconds.

Another being that I have a Junk folder and a Junk Email folder.

I am also finding that I have to Logon to Hotmail to access my emails as I would expect, but I have to Logon again when I have written an email and go to send it. (This happens in both IMAP and POP).

I do not mind which type of account I use, though POP does seem more like what I was used to.

I would be grateful for any advise/guidance that anyone can give.



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