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I am using a second PC for this post since I cannot access my mail through Windows Live Mail.  I am now using my Telus isp server for emails through Internet Explorer.  I have reviewed other posts, however, my situation appears to have its own issues.

I successfully used Windows Live Mail after the upgrade that now stops starting.  When I click on the desktop shortcut, the Windows Live Mail 2012 dialog starts up with the revolving circle then stops after a while with the message:

"Windows Live Mail could not be started.  It may not be installed correctly.  Make sure that your disk is not full or that you are out of memory. (0x80041161)

I tried the Repair all Windows Essentials program.  It starts then takes many minutes before the repair status bar starts to show progress, then stops at 12%.  It remains there for over half an hour with no further progress.  I decided to cancel the repair.  After pressing Cancel and waiting some time I could not stop it so I did a cold boot.  Now I cannot log into my Microsoft .com Account that provides 2 login choices, Microsoft Account or Office 365 account.  I tried the Microsoft Account.  I can login to my Microsoft Account through this  second PC.

Most other functions appear to be functioning OK.

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