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My Window Live Mail want open (could not be installed correctly, make sure that disk is not full or that you are not out of memory ;error 0x80041161) baloney ,never have a problem till now after I install window 10.

There is  Only one way I can open window live mail if I unplug the computer ,wait a few minutes and plug in again which is not right, I cant do that every time I want to read my e-mail

and there is a mail for me : ( the last time u ran Window Live Mail it did not exit correctly. In case this was due to a problem with the last message u were viewing) Well ,I'm just viewing ur message, it does not make any sense for me.

Anybody body knows what is wrong ,how to fix that?

PS those question should be sent directly to Microsoft, they should fix the problem directly.

    -on the bottom :email topic; select one (non of this is my problem)how I  submit?anyway,ignore that

[Original title: Window Live Mail]

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