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Hello.  I have a problem with Windows Live Mail.  I am running Windows Live Mail 2012.   I deleted my Windows Live Mail account by mistake.  Now I can't recover my folders, sub-folders, and saved emails.  I searched the web and it stated to go to Explorer:  C: users/myname/app data/local/microsoft/windows live mail  and highlight windows live mail, right click, and select restore previous version, and select a date prior to the account deletion.  HOWEVER, once I am at windows live mail, and right click on it, I am not given the "restore previous version" option.  I can see all of the other options listed but that one is not one of them.  HELP!

Is there another place in my computer that the windows live mail account could be stored?  I am running Windows 8.1  Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

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