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We recently moved our family email domain to a new service provider and as a result I re-initialized the account in Windows Live Mail on his computer.

We have noticed some strange behaviour where emails are being sent to folders in the Storage Folders section rather than in the IMAP folders.  Examples would be emails destined for: 

- sent items

- drafts

- deleted 

I suspect that when we moved the domain to the new provider, the default settings for the email server with regards to these generic folders were different than the old provider, thus creating a mismatch between the new IMAP configuration and the Storage Folder configuration (folder lists).

I have searched for similar problems but could not find a solution.

We have tried to rename the folder names and change the settings for consistency with no luck.

Before I try some drastic solutions:

- moving all email from the Storage Folder to the IMAP,

- deleting the account and all emails/folders from Windows Live Mail

- re-initiate the IMAP account with Windows Live Mail

- Move the archived email back to Storage Folder.

I figured I would check to see if there is something else we could try to stop WLM from using Storage Folders automatically.

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