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For the sake of completeness, I'd like to put out some enhancement suggestions for WLM:

  • Reenable the Outlook Express keyboard shortcuts, because they were, err, shorter, and IMHO that's what shortcuts are all about.
  • Add "create folder" button to the save-attachment-dialogue-window.
  • Allow to modify the filename for a saved attachment.
  • Make the move-mail-dialogue window bigger.
  • Do not show all subfolders in the move-mail-dialogue-window, but remember, which folder subtrees were open resp. closed from last time.
  • Add "all deleted mails" to the fast view folder. (The fast view folder is really great.)
  • Fix unicode mail recognition (should write a detailed report on this one, i just had some not as unicode recognized mails recently.)
  • Allow rules for IMAP accounts and for outgoing mail.

It's not like i feel entitled to get all this for free, but in case there are plans to develop wlm further, (again I'd like to see comments on this from the inside) , these are some suggestions.


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