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I can see this is an issue that has happened before, but I cannot find a resolution.

1. I have a Dell laptop running Windows 10, Windows Live Mail as an App, Chrome which runs Gmail with all accounts showing on it, and various printers- most HP, one is Samsung. The laptop was bought in 2013 and is a Latitude E6530. It prints emails fine from WLM and Gmail.

2. I have a new laptop, Dell XPS 15 (9570), with the same programmes- I have checked the printer driver preferences with the machines sitting adjacent, and there are no differences. This combination prints the emails from WLM cropped following an  A5 size, so information is not present outside of this frame in the top LH corner. Printing the same email from Gmail, the whole information is reproduced.

How can I print the whole of the email?

Thank you


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