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Yeah, yeah, I know; I should migrate to another mail client, but I like WLM, which has definite advantages over the mail utility supplied with Windows 10, and is so less bloated than Outlook.  Mozilla's Thunderbird is a close contender, but it seems about as poorly supported at WLM.

I ran WLM 2012 under Vista without issue.  But under Win 10 it exhibits some strange behavior under certain circumstances.  I've learned to clear all the deleted messages and now close the program before formally shutting down or restarting the computer, but every time Win 10 'hiccups' or there's a power glitch, I reopen WLM and find that a good number of recent messages have lovingly been recategorized for me.  The bogus entries show up as new (boldface) Inbox messages without an account ID (I run three POP/SMTP accounts under WLM), and with quotation marks around the From column entries.  Many of these messages had been safely tucked away in their proper mailboxes as 'read' before the unexpected shutdown, and the corresponding POP/SMTP Webmail accounts had been purged of these emails.  So the messages are not really incoming or new ones, just removed from their recent storage locations and put back as new Inbox entries.  This applies to incoming and sent messages, both reappearing in the respective Inboxes.

I suppose all this is academic as chances of a fix are ludicrously less than slim-to-none.  But if this behavior is indicative of some bigger issue, I'd sure like to know it.

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