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I work on about 30 computers or so and for the past couple of weeks a half a dozen or so has been having the same problem.

When they start Windows live Mail it just spins and spins. It doesn't even show up to be in the task manager.

On one of them I did a system restore and that would fix it for a day or two but then would go right back to the same problem. That one is a Dell Laptop.

The Dell Desktops the only way to get mail to come on is to pull the plug on the computer. Restarting has no effect, only by completely killing the power to the computers does the trick.

All computers have Windows 10 pro on them.

Some are connected to a domain and some are not.

I've repaired the program to have the next day end up with the same results.

I've reinstalled WLM and again the next day have the same results.

I've restored computers only to end up with the same results.

Nothing I've tried has had a permanent fix.

Who else is having these problems?

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