Our customer has a PC with Windows 7 Professional SP1 and all updates.

They use Windows Live Mail as a mail client and we need to migrate it to Microsoft Outlook 2013.

We have problems when trying to export to PST file, during the migration progress, the status bar stops in a % showing an error.

 Searching solutions in internet seems that a corrupt e-mail has been found in the Windows Live Mail folders and that’s the reason why Outlook can’t continue the migration process.

The only solution we found to solve this is to check the original Windows live mail mailbox using as a reference the already migrated mails in outlook (mails migrated before the System hang) and delete the corrupt mail and continue with the next corrupted mail.

But my customer has more than 150000 mails in the Windows Live Mail.

Is there any tool where we could delete automatically the corrupted mails form Windows Live Mail?

Awaiting your prompt reply

Best regards

Joaquim Palomares

[Moved from Windows 7]

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