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We have Windows 10 and WLM 2012 build 16.4.3528.0331

Last week we lost all our storage files and had garbage left in place. This week the INBOX SENT DRAFT JUNK DELETED boxes were emptied. We found a bunch of these files back in the storage area. No sign of the original storage email files! Many old emails were downloaded from our ROGERS YAHOO server.

We tried the suggested routine of going to the AppData....WindowsLiveMail folders and found the file names for 3 of the lost files but they were empty. We tried previous versions but got "no previous versions" message.

We went to our Dell Backup and Recovery external Hard Drive but it appears the WLM email files are not backed up by the Dell Backup! Nor the contact file or the category files. Is this correct??


We do have a backup of our 2014 and prior email storage files that we had moved to the file section last time we had this problem and then updated our WLM. We are now saving all our email messages in the regular file section (or printing them out).

Any ideas on how we could find the lost 2015 email storage files in our computer on the external hard drive?

When is Microsoft going to fix Windows Live Mail?

Thanks Edward Blake

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