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Hi there sorry this is a tad longwinded..  Firstly I have three email clients which are Windows Live Mail (which I use), BT Mail and this new Windows 10 Mail app.

My issue started about a week and a half ago when one morning I went to check my email in Windows Live Mail as per usual and couldn't log in, basically the login box appeared and wouldn't accept my password.  It's not unusual and I just restarted my PC which usually solves the problem but this time it didn't.  I tried a few things including trying to repair Live Essentials but the repair didn't work at all saying nothing could be repaired.

I rarely look at BT Mail but went to log in there and saw that bizarrely I was logged out of my account and it was asking me to change my password,.  I did so and did get into BT Mail and also changed the password to Windows 10 Mail which I assume makes them synch.  I then went to Live Mail and changed the password there to the same as my new BT Mail password and voila it logged me in.  I then sent an email but it basically just hung on "authorising" and didn't send the email. So in a nutshell you could read emails in WLM but had to enter the BT password each time you logged in.  But you could not send email........ That begun a week long nightmare with BT.

Basically to start with BT kept locking me out and asking me to change the password every hour or so.  Even when I was asleep it would send me texts saying my password had been changed and I was locked out.  They basically blamed everything and everyone bar themselves until finally one rep informed me there was an "outage" on a server and it was a known issue.  If I had known that I wouldn't have tried everything under the sun!!

I kept working on it and last Thursday got a bit of luck.  I changed the BT password again to the same password as was required for Windows Live Mail.  Not sure why it accepted it because I had tried it before but it worked.  I updated Windows 10 Mail as well and all three worked.  BT Mail still didn't allow you to log in directly and tried to lock you out but I worked out a workaround whereas if you logged in with MYBT first and then went to email once logged in all was fine.  A little more time consuming but it worked.

Obviously I had put in a complaint days earlier and went on to BT Live Chat earlier today to talk about my complaint.  Unfortunately the advisor (loosely titled!!) seemed to get the impression I still had log in issues and without even warning me changed my BT password to an admin password.  When I saw what she had done I was horrified.  I tried to log in with Windows Live Mail but once again the log in issue reared it's ugly head.  I couldn't believe it that the advisor had put me back to square one.  She then took hold of my PC to try and rectify it but each time she changed a setting in Windows Live Mail properties it basically wouldn't save it. 

There was also an additional problem that popped up after the advisor had played around and that was error number 8004882a saying it cant get me into Windows Live Messenger.  I however seemed to have got rid of that issue by rolling back a few days on Windows Recovery unfortunately rolling back doesn't roll back passwords.

I think, I may be wrong, but I think the issue is basically that I cannot change and save settings in Windows Live Mail so it won't save a changed password.  My old password is sticking hence why when I entered that as a BT Mail password all linked up perfectly.  The easiest way to sort this would be to change the BTMail and Windows 10 Mails passwords to the same as WLM but the problem is BT will not allow me to change my password to one that I have used before so I can't change it back.

It's an absolute nightmare.  So can anyone suggest either how to get WLM to accept AND save a new password or somehow maybe get BT Mail to accept an OLD password?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

BTW I have tried reinstalling Windows Live Essentials and that does not solve the problem.

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