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I am using Windows Live Mail 2011 (WLM) Version 2011 (Build 15.4.3555.0308) on an AMD Athlon II X2 265 Processor 3.31 GHz 64-bit running Windows 7 Home Premium.


We do not have a Hotmail or any other IMAP account associated with this email account, only POP3. We have WLM set up to delete files off of the server once they have been read/downloaded onto our computer. About a week ago I was trying to use a program called mail2web which allows you to access emails off of your server so that they could be read while on vacation. Mail2web had worked “fine” in the past but now it was not allowing me to access my email on the server. I had tried with several computers/devices and several browsers including IE and Edge I called up support for our email and they were able to get mail2web to work on their computer and emailed me a screen shot proving that they were able to get to my email with mail2web but they believed me when I said I couldn’t do it from any computer and that they probably wouldn’t be able to do it from another computer either.


Our email support said one fix they saw in their archives would be to remove our account and then add it back again. I had done this before and I thought with the two of us it would be no problem. I wasn’t too worried about losing emails, because I thought that I had backups set for WLM (and I did) and I knew I probably wouldn’t lose too many emails even if things went wrong. We have several Gigabytes (around 10) of emails so exporting a backup takes a while also. Much of this is in storage folders, although I know with both IMAP and post office protocol (esp. Outlook Express) it can be a good idea to keep the inbox small, we probably have one or two gigabytes in the Inbox, and I know moving it all to storage folders would probably be a good idea.


Removing the account and adding it back in did not allow mail2web to work. So we used another webmail application called horde which was a lot easier to use plus it worked. Everything seemed fine, however, a week later after returning from vacation I saw there were no old inbox emails  or sent emails dated prior to 1/30/2017, the date and time I removed and added the WLM account. When I did this I “THOUGHT” there were old emails in the Inbox and that everything had synced up, but now I see that is not the case.


Again, none of these files are on the server, they have been downloaded onto our local computer and the server files were automatically deleted at that point in time. However, they are on our local computer’s hard drive.


In Windows Explorer, when I go to C:\Users\yourlogon\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail and right click and I try to copy any of the previous versions into a folder on the desktop it stops after just a little bit (about 45 seconds), always at the same spot which is Mail.pat it says it has done 188 MB of !88 MB       100.0%      24 of 364. The bottom status line says 410 MB of 444 MB    92.4%   000:000:06. When I click to get out of this it says there are 273 problem files(s), I think most if not all of them are Open Error: The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable, probably just as you would expect.


Also, in Windows Explorer, when I go to C:\Users\yourlogon\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail, and I double click, I can see the folders there. I can see the mail.user --- folders (where the --- stands for the number and letter that gets assigned by WLM for each created account that we have had over the years. I can see the folder for the previous account as well as more older previous account (these older accounts are completely empty when I look in any of the folders including inbox). There are two folders for 1/30/2017, the newest one has the current inbox. When I double click on the oldest 1/30/2017 one: mail.user --- with the Date modified 1/30/2017 and then double click on the Inbox folder, a long list of files shows up with the 16 digit WLM code. When I click on these files I can see the subject and who sent the email. They are all the missing emails prior to 1/30/2017 that are not showing up on my Window Live Mail when I am running the program.


Also, when in the running WLM program and looking at the email and all the folders in my WLM email directory, there are no recovered filles for this event. I have clicked on the View tab, and done the VIEW and then COMPACT VIEW with the green +, and I have a checkmark by everything. All of my storage folders show up perfectly.


I did go into <Control Panel> <Programs><Programs and Features><Windows Live Essentials 2011> <Repair all Windows Live Programs> twice. I watched the details the second time. It says 0% complete for about 4 minutes, then in about 40 seconds it goes from 0% to at least 99% complete. Then I get a popup that says No Internet connection. I choose Retry but nothing happens.I had an internet connection both times. I click Cancel and am asked are you sure you want to cancel? I click Yes.


When the new WLM account was set up I am not sure how long I let it run, although I do not have it connected to an IMAP account that would need to be synchronized. I want to note that WLM is working fine, except for the lost inbox and sent folders not showing emails before 1/30/2017. All the storage folders show emails from both before and after 1/30/2017, nothing was lost. I do have many of the old emails in these storage folders, but I would really like the ones in the inbox and sent folders as well.


One other note, when I go offline and then export files and then come back online, I have problems logging in. Sometimes loading Internet Explorer and closing out of it allows WLM to go back online. Sometimes I shut the computer off along with the Internet Explore run and shut down. It is best to just never go offline, then you don’t have to worry about getting WLM online. It has worked like this for years.


How can I get this 1/30/2017 and prior inbox and sent box to show up in my WLM folders? It is right where it should be when I look at the Windows Explorer directory for WLM. Can I copy the files into a folder on my desktop and then import them in a way that will work and also not mess things up. These may be hidden files, I have Explorer set to see everything. I know you are supposed to copy everything and once you have it where you want it delete everything that you don’t need.


Finally, I know that Windows Live Mail is no longer supported, and perhaps never has had the best support. When I get these emails retrieved I will be using a new email program, likely Outlook. 

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