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Hallo everyone,

Let me please explain the situation :

1 - I bought new win 10  Desktop (oktober 2019).  -  Old desktop was Win 7 (with Windows Live Mail)

2 - I wanted to use the old Win 7 Desktop as a completly off-line PC, (since Win 7 will no longer be supported on january 2020) to edit my family pictures and movies, manage my music collection, and convert my old video tapes.

3 - Therefore, first, I wanted to replace my 10 years old harddisk by een new one, with larger capacity (2 Terrabyte instead of 1,5 Terrabyte)

4 - So I cloned the old Hard disk by Acronis Image, and replaced the old harddisk by the clone.  All worked fine.

5 - On my new Win 10 desktop, I had to use the new mail program, since Windows Live Mail has been stopped by Microsoft in 2017.

6 - On this new mail program (Win 10 PC) I wanted to import my contacts from Win Live Mail on my old PC. (Export from Win Live Mail to USB-stick, the import them on the new PC from this USB stick.)

7 - At my great surprise, I could not open Win Live Mail any more : I got the message : ( I translate from Dutch to English : WLM cannot be started. Closing WLM. The agenda contains damaged data, causing WLM to be closed. (0x8E5E0247)

(original Dutch : Windows Live mail kan niet worden gestart. Windows Live Mail sluiten. De agenda bevat beschadigde gegevens waardoor Windows Live Mail afgesloten moet worden (0x8E5E0247)

8 – I googled this problem : solutions suggested :

    • Repair WLM (Wlarp.exe) : - No solution : (Translation from Dutch :) : Repair failed. Windows Essentials could not be repaired : Mail, Messenger, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Writer.
      An unknown error occured : 0x800c0006
      Source : UXPlatformLang

    • Rename “Calendars” map to “CalendarsOLD” and restart WLM – no solution (by opening WLM, a new map Calendars is indead created, but WLM still cannot be started).

9 – At the same time, I noticed that Windows Update didn't work anymore : Translated from Dutch :) At the moment, it is impossible to look for updates, because the Windows Update Service is not actif. Possibly, you have to reboot your computer.

Which is not correct at all : the Windows Update Service is actif (Automatic).
10 – Some people suggest that the cause of this problems is the fact that the hard disk was replaced, which is a Microsoft problem ???

11 - My question :How can I repair my Win Live Mail (only to export my contacts and to have acces to my old mails, and how do I get Windows Update work again on this Win 7 PC ? (upgrade to Win 10 is not an option since i bought myself a new Win 10 desktop ?à

Anyone has an idea please ?

Thanks a lot,

L. Goossens

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