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Deae Friends,

Greetings! Help please.

My machine was lucky enough to get updated to Windows 10 v2004.

Everyrhing works fine after the update, even including WLM. However, one of the corporate email accounts registered in WLM behaved "interestingly", while other hotmail gmail accounts are working normal.

The corporate email account could connect to the email server, but could not download any email. I can see "XX messages, XXX kb" shown in the error message, but the email just cant be downloaded.

What I understand is, the WLM successful connected to the email server, that is why it could see how many emails were there in server waiting to be downloaded, but could not download.

Another possible cause i could think of is, the corporate email account uses POP3, while hotmail gmail use IMAP.

Anyone experience the same here?

Any brilliant solution/work around for this ?

Thanks in advanced.

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