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On a W10 Home rig, experiencing years of the dreaded contacts freeze, so the original idea was to disable Facebook contacts from Outlook as described in this Exchange Online article.

The task eventually was to export the contacts DB to csv, edit them, and import them back in. The Facebook Social Networks won't return to the WLM contacts ribbon according to this Office 365 article which states:

Windows Live Essentials Calendar and Contacts

The Windows Live Essentials Calendar and Contacts functionality will continue to work, but it will no longer receive birthday event or contact updates from Facebook for connected accounts. As a result, birthday events or contact information for the Facebook contacts may become outdated.

The link in the solution of that article, Add Facebook friends as contacts, goes nowhere, and the management of these on a home machine without office 365 doesn't look easy, however it appears they are not required any more.

Locating the above explanation from the pov of a WLM freeze wasn't obvious, as the Facebook contacts could never be edited directly in the WLM gui, even though they never showed up on Outlook People.

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